Kuopion Shakinystävät chess club organizes the 40th Kalakukko -chess tournament in Kuopio, Finland at 28.-29.4.2018. The tournament will be played in 4 rounds according to Swiss system. Tournament is ELO rated.

Sat 28.4.
at 09:30-10:30 confirmation of participation
at 11:00 round 1
at 16:30 round 2

Sun 29.4.
at 9:30 round 3
at 14:30 round 4
Prize giving immediately after round 4

Time rate:
90min + 30s/move

Venue: Hotel IsoValkeinen, Majaniementie 2, 70420 Kuopio

Public transport: Transport to Kuopio is very good. Last train to Helsinki on Sunday leaves at 19:38.

before 27.4.2018 through registration form on this site, or by email to

Entry fee 35€
Juniors (under20) entry fee is 20€.
For GMs, IMs no entry fee

Payments to Kuopio Shakinystävät bank account, before 27.4.2018: FI13 5600 0520 4634 75
or by cash before the first round.